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Project Title Approval date Grant financing
Use of 3D technology for precise detection of burn area percentage of the total body surface, that enables price calculations of medicines for infusions and shock treatment in acute phase of the burn injury. 11.04.2022 109 001 €
Development of a new high added value product supporting welfare and quality of life by SIA “Stikla Serviss” 30.03.2022 105 055 €
Small grant scheme Development of a new generation of permamento magnet and ferroresonance based power generator for ExtraTech Ltd. 11.03.2022 110 499 €
Development of SIA “Eiroplasts” new regenerator prototype 04.04.2022 105 815 €
Development of a prototype of a software and video game fully adaptable keypad for people with special needs 14.03.2022 79 195 €
Scent recorder for improving emotional well-being 25.04.2022 96 896 €
Developing 3D technology for custom-made fixation and extension devices for early treatment and prevention of excessive scars and contractures in burn patients. 23.03.2022 109 342 €
Development of a prototype of the innovative multi-apartment residential house management platform HOUSELOG 25.03.2022 110 500 €
Development of a new service of the small-scale grant scheme SIA “FOREN Technology” “Reservation and payment system for rehabilitation treatment and service provision, supplemented with additional functions” 18.03.2022 100 317 €
The AmfiTop Solid Surface On-ground Aquafarming Tank Prototype Development 22.03.2022 104 523 €