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About programme

Programme operatorMinistry of Interior
programme partner
Council of Europe
Funding/GrantProgramme and its projects are financed within the framework of European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.
Total programme grant - EUR 20 327 059:
1) including EEA Grant EUR 17 278 000;
2) national co-financing EUR 3 049 059.
Improved crime prevention and investigation in Latvia by strengthen cooperation between law enforcement authorities
What to be achievedIn order to address major challenges in the field of economic crime in Latvia such as widespread corruption, poor and
ineffective interagency cooperation, insufficient information exchange mechanisms, insufficiencies in the criminal case
handling, economic crime at borders, money laundering and integrity gaps in the banking system, lack of sufficient
knowledge and expertise of competent authorities, 7 following pre-defined projects will be supported:
1) Promoting cooperation between law enforcement authorities in preventing and combating economic crime in Latvia;
2) Support for establishment of whistle-blowing system in Latvia;
3) Support for Barnahus implementation in Latvia to ensure that child victims and/or witnesses of violence receive
sufficiently effective and efficient support and treatment in Latvia;
4) Preventing and combating economic crime at the Border Crossing Point Terehova;
5) Support to the State Police for increasing effectiveness and quality of the economic crime investigations in Latvia;
6) Improvement of employees’ knowledge in combating money laundering in Latvia;
7) Strengthening of the capacity of forensic system and inspection of the site of the event.
More informationInformation regarding Donor states and EEA Grants in general can be found here: https://eeagrants.org/.

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