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Local Development and Culture

About programme

Programme operatorMinistry of the Environmental Protection and Regional Development
Programme partnerMinistry of Culture
Donor programme
1. Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities
2. Arts and Culture Norway (before 01.01.2023. name was Arts Council Norway)
GrantTotal programme grant - EUR 11 764 706:
1) including EEA Grant EUR 10 000 000;
2) national co-financing EUR 1 764 706.
Promoting the development of entrepreneurship and the accessibility of arts and culture in the regions, and strengthening
the cooperation and capacity of regional and local authorities.
What to be achieved1. The reduction of significant regional disparities still remains the main challenge for regional development in
Latvia. To address this challenge it is planned to:
1) support business development measures in all five planning regions of Latvia.
2) support implementation of business ideas in Latgale region in cooperation with Small Grant Scheme Operator - Latgale Planning Region.
2. In order to improve access to professional contemporary art and culture in all regions of Latvia, promoting an
inclusive society, as well as improving the quality of life of individuals and society, it is planned to provided
support for improving the accessibility of professional contemporary art and culture for children and young people
of school age.
3. In order to promote good governance, two projects will be implemented, including activities to promote local
government cooperation and the integration of asylum seekers.

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