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About Program

Programme operatorMinistry of the Environmental Protection and Regional Development
Donor programme
Norwegian Environment Agency
GrantTotal programme grant – EUR 16 470 588:
1. including Norway Grant EUR 14 000 000;
2. national co-financing EUR 2 470 588.
Climate change mitigated and vulnerability to climate change reduced
What to be achievedClimate change impacts on the sustainability of society, the potential for economic growth, the state of ecosystems and the
quality of life of citizens. In order to address these challenges, it is planned to:
1) develop a regional data collection and reporting system, an electronic database on substances that deplete the ozone
layer and F-gases and improving the national warning system;
2) improve climate policy planning by restoring national soil data;
3) support at least three remediation projects for historically contaminated sites, which will result in the
decontamination of sites and the reduction of their negative impacts on human health and the environment.

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Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have a zero-tolerance policy on corruption and mismanagement in the EEA and Norway Grants. We strongly encourage you to share your concerns and report suspected irregularities.