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About program

Programme operatorMinistry of Justice
Donor programme
Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Services
GrantTotal programme grant – EUR 15 294 118:
1) including Norway Grant EUR 13 000 000;
2) national co-financing EUR 2 294 118.
Improved correctional system in Latvia
What to achieveThe current prison staff training system in Latvia contains significant gaps in both theoretical and practical content of
training, and there is no availability of modern and appropriate infrastructure. Reforms of the correction services system in
Latvia will continue, with an increasingly important the effectiveness of the execution process, by promoting the
introduction of dynamic security principles in the day-to-day operation of the correction services. In order to continue the
initiated reforms, there is a need for properly trained correctional staff, modern working methods and infrastructure to
ensure proper correctional staff training. Within the framework of the programme, it is planned to establish a modern
training centre infrastructure and model prison blocks for training opportunities in the Olaine prison territory. As well as to
provide modern training content and internship opportunities for the staff of the Latvian Prison Administration and the
State Probation Service.

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