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Fund for bilateral relations

About fund

Fund operatorMinistry of Finance

The total funding is EUR 2 613 000 (100% grant), including:
- EUR 1 271 000 amount allocated in memoranda of Understanding to programmes (the allocation is decided by the programme operators) and the Baltic Media Centre for Excellence
- EUR 1 342 000  Decision of allocation of funds to strategic initiatives or additional programmes initiatives is taken by the Joint Committee for Bilateral Funds.
AimTo strengthen the cooperation and to increase mutual knowledge and understanding between Latvia and the Donor States  - Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland.
PrioritiesPlanned priorities according to the Work Plan to be approved by the Joint Committee for Bilateral Funds:
1. education and research (cooperation between universities, institutes and libraries; people-to-people contacts, cooperation within think-thanks, youth development; media – development of the independent media and media literacy, research in the field of security policy);
2. art and culture (exchange of cultural experiences, exhibitions, concerts, cultural days, conservation of the cultural heritage; translation and popularization of Latvian literature; celebrations of centenary of Latvia);
3. cooperation projects between local governments (twin towns) (conferences and other type of networking and exchange of ideas between Latvian and DS local governments);
4. promotional activities for business development and bilateral cooperation (conferences and other type of networking and exchange of ideas between Latvian and DS organisations);
5. promotional events for bilateral cooperation (EEA and Norway Grants events and other events at conversation festival LAMPA in Cesis, Norwegian days in Latvia, etc);
6. promoting transparency and democratic participation;
7. targeted support related to the handling of the European refugee-crisis in Latvia, including to address the needs of the Ukrainian refugees in Latvia.
Examples of activities - Matchmaking events not tied to one particular programme
- Technical cooperation and exchange of experts
- Secondments and internships
- Capacity building and short term training
- Workshops and seminars on topics of common interest
- Study tours and visits
- Data collection, reports, studies and publications
- Campaigns, exhibitions and promotional material

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Report Irregularities

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have a zero-tolerance policy on corruption and mismanagement in the EEA and Norway Grants. We strongly encourage you to share your concerns and report suspected irregularities.