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Project Title Approval date Grant financing
“RaceTribe” – a comprehensive e-platform for sports competitions with integration of BLE tehnology
Development of a data-based mobility planning tool
Online Design Studio and Product Customisation Terminal
Decarbonised Hydrogen 24.10.2022 61 575 €
Innovative development of polymer emulsions for the production of varnishes and paints with reduced CO2 emissions 27.10.2022 67 419 €
Implementation of environmentally friendly, energy efficient and innovative production line for stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous sheet metal processing 04.10.2022 443 424 €
High valuated investments for implementing novel, eco-innovative products and green technologies in SIA “Stikla Serviss” 26.08.2022 495 899 €
Development of a 5G module for automated transfer of 3D data from a 3D laser scanner to online services 19.05.2022 97 290 €
Use of 3D technology for precise detection of burn area percentage of the total body surface, that enables price calculations of medicines for infusions and shock treatment in acute phase of the burn injury. 11.04.2022 109 001 €
Development of a new high added value product supporting welfare and quality of life by SIA “Stikla Serviss” 30.03.2022 105 055 €