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Period 2004-2009
Period 2004-2009
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Approved projects

Approved projects

TitleIntermediaryTotal costs (EUR)Co-financing from Financial Mechanisms (EUR)Co-financing from Financial Mechanisms (%)Completion date
Academic Research
1st open call results
2nd open call results
State Education Development Agency (since 01.01.2010)514 400450 25487,53%30.04.2011
NGO Fund
1st Open call results
2nd Open call results
3rd Open call results
4th Open call results
Society Integration Foundation5 899 1445 027 25185,22%30.04.2011
Seed Money Facility
Open call results
Society Integration Foundation536 435455 97085%30.11.2008
Scholarship Block Grant
Open call results
State Education Development Agency (since 01.01.2010)1 754 8501 491 62385%30.04.2011
Short Term Expert Fund
1st open call results
2nd open call results
State Regional Development Agency1 290 8591 097 23085%31.12.2010
Strengthening civil society and promotion of the integration of society
Open call results
Society Integration Foundation764 706650 00085%31.12.2010
Block Grants
TitleIntermediaryTotal costs (EUR)Co-financing from Financial Mechanisms (EUR)Co-financing from Financial Mechanisms (%)Completion date
Environmental policy integration programme in Latvia
1st Open call results
2nd Open call results
Ministry of the Environmental Protection and Regional Development (since 01.01.2011)4 095 7793 481 41285%30.04.2011
Promotion of development of public or private partnership in Latvia
Open call results
Investment and Development Agency of Latvia2 111 8451 795 06885%30.04.2011
Cross-border cooperation
Open call results
Ministry of the Environmental Protection and Regional Development (since 01.01.2011)2 741 0472 329 89085%30.04.2011
Project titleProject promoterTotal costs (EUR)Co-financing from Financial Mechanisms (EUR)Co-financing from Financial Mechanisms
Completion date
Technical Assistance for implementation of Acquis communautairMinistry of Justice552 805469 88485%31.01.2011
Capacity building of planning an project development in Kurzeme planning regionKurzeme Planning Region533 319453 32185%31.12.2009
Capacity Building of Zemgale Region for Strengthening the Economic Activities and Cooperation with Norwegian InstitutionsZemgale Planning Region516 780439 26385%31.07.2010
Development of PPP in Daugavpils FortressDaugavpils City Council507 562431 42885%30.04.2011
Implementation of public private partnership in street maintenance in Jelgava CityJelgava City Municipality Agency “Pilsetsaimnieciba”400 000340 00085%30.04.2011
The Vidzeme center for innovation and entrepreneurship: innovation trough partnershipCesis County Council1 514 7751 274 83584.16%30.04.2011
Promoting the utilization of the research potential of local universities for regional development in LatviaUniversity of Latvia650 000552 50085%30.04.2011
Development of community facilities system model in the Kurzeme regionKurzeme Planning Region481 354359 95475%31.12.2010
Establishment of the centre for spatial and regional developments research in KurzemeKuldiga County Council864 700734 99585%30.04.2011
Promotion of Zemgale region borderland business activityZemgale Planning Region673 019572 06685%30.04.2011
Development of ports in Kurzeme regionKurzeme Planning Region492 459388 64978.92%30.04.2011
Development of Multidimensional Support Centre for Children with Special Needs in JelgavaJelgava City Council399 999399 99985%31.08.2010
Improvement of social integration quality of children with special needs in Dauguli special elementary boarding-schoolValmiera County Council294 120250 00285%30.09.2010
National multifunctional support centre for children with special needs in VaivariThe State Ltd. “National Rehabilitation Centre “Vaivari”764 699649 99485%30.04.2011
Establishment of multifunctional support centre for children with special needsLatvia Children’s Fund331 321298 18990%31.12.2010
Restoration of Kuldiga District Museum and Establishment of Wooden Architecture Restoration Craftsmen WorkshopKuldiga County Council554 920471 68285%31.12.2010
Documentation and preservation of Soviet period non-conformist cultural heritage for the collection of the Contemporary Art Museum of LatviaMinistry of Culture630 539449 12180%30.04.2011
Preservation of graphic issues from nonconformist art during Soviet period in Latvia and provision of required materials and equipmentThe National Library of Latvia517 415439 80385%30.04.2011
Restoration and re-use of Water Tower in Daugavpils FortressDaugavpils City Council644 380547 72385%30.04.2011
Diversification of Adolfs Alunans Memorial Museums’ services and restoration of museums’ wooden buildingJelgava City Council365 575310 73985%30.04.2011
Landscape Along the Gauja River – Revitalization of Historical Center of ValmieraValmiera Town Municipality694 918590 68085%30.04.2011
Resocialisation of inmates in Zemgale prisonsLatvian Prison Administration1 197 9211 018 23385%30.04.2011
Strengthening the Judiciary in Latvia by Improving Capacity of the State Forensic Science Bureau of Latvia in Order to Comply with Best Practice and International Quality StandardsState Forensic Science Bureau754 575641 38985%31.07.2010
Strengthening of Human Resource Capacity of Probation System and Prison System of LatviaState Probation Service869 996739 49785%28.02.2011
Development of the complex program on resocialisation of the former convicts in Latvia during years 2008-2010Organisation “Integration for the Society”506 832430 80785%31.12.2010
Elaboration of Prison Building StandardsLatvian Prison Administration1 280 5001 088 42585%30.04.2011
Development of Supervision and Treatment System for Sex-offenders in LatviaState Probation Service722 675614 27485%30.04.2011
National Information System of Prisoners in LatviaLatvian Prison Administration649 997552 49785%30.04.2012
Preventive Measures for Decreasing Youth Delinquency in Zemgale RegionZemgale Planning Region354 334301 18485%30.04.2011
Renovation of living corps of Cesu Correctional Institution of JuvenilesLatvian Prison Administration959 175815 29985%30.04.2011
Utilization of local biomass for production of environmental-friendly fuel in KarsavaLimited Liability Company Ekobriketes667 039368 73955,28%30.04.2011
Improvement of existing control system of dioxins and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in fish productsNational Diagnostic Centre of Food and Veterinary Service325 009249 99985%31.03.2010
North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve Environmental education and information centre – an example of environmentally friendly renewable energy usageNorth Vidzeme Bioreserve Administration334 843284 61785%
Implementation of Earth Heat Demonstration Project and Extension of Experience in Riga RegionLimbazi County Council752 532471 46162.6531.03.2011
Installation of electric and electronic waste sorting and recycling facility in the existing waste recovery centre in TumeJoint stock company “BAO”496 544198 19739.92%30.04.2011
Use of Sea Heat as Renewable Energy in Centralized Heat Supply System for Salacgriva Town Budget InstitutionsSalacgriva County Council1 090 947927 30585%30.04.2011
Introducing Heat Pumps for Heat Supply in Riga City: Setting-up a Demonstration ObjectRiga City Council350 000272 65077.9%30.04.2011
Sustainable use and management of nature resources in the NATURA 2000 territories – popular and potential tourism destination in LatviaLatvian Country Tourism Association463 950417 55590%30.04.2011
Promotion of Sustainable Management of Fish and Crayfish Resources in Inland Waters and Environmentally Friendly Aquaculture (PROMIWA)State Agency “Latvian Fish Resources Agency”666 500560 52784%31.03.2010
Surveillance measures for reduction of air pollution from exhaust fumes engines caused by tractor techniques in LatviaThe State agency for Technical Surveillance337 732248 06873.45%30.04.2011
Sustainable Management of Nature Resources in Zemgale RegionZemgale Planning Region383 798326 22885%30.04.2011
Development of Integrated Environmental and Economic Forest Accounts in LatviaMinistry of Agriculture635 202539 92285%30.04.2011
Establishmental of Environmental Modelling Centre in Riga Stradina UniversityRiga Stradins University332 526273 20382.16%30.04.2011
Development of environmental science study content and study materialsUniversity of Latvia553 400468 39884,64%
Developing and delivering innovative training modules for Baltic executives using an interdisciplinary approach to entrepreneurship and advanced technologiesRiga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA)299 805238 01184.1%30.04.2011
Development of Vidzeme Continuing Education Technology CenterVidzeme University College755 224604 88280.1%31.01.2011
Establishment and Development of New Media Art Education in LiepajaLiepaja University858 581636 55874%30.04.2011
Development of new media art education in LiepajaUniversity of Liepaja442 428338 67676.5%30.04.2011
Development of e-learning environment for modernization of learning process in Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of MusicJâzeps Vîtols Latvian Academy of Music439 843373 86785%30.04.2011
Elaboration of innovative, interactive multimedia studying software for Latvia’s comprehensive schoolsVentspils Digital Centre349 125296 75685%30.11.2010
Elaboration of the environmental education programs and “green” school in the Natural History Museum of LatviaNatural History Museum of Latvia302 154256 83185%30.04.2011
The support system in researching and enhancing creativity for the human resource development in LatviaRiga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy294 828250 60485%30.04.2011
Transition to Digital Radiology and implementation of Patient Management Systems in Daugavpils Regional HospitalDaugavpils Regional Hospital458 012389 31085%31.10.2009
Improvement of the diagnostic radiology digital image transmission system and service accessibility in primary and secondary health care within the framework of the National cancer control program in Latvia (DIGIM)Limited Liability Company Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital1 074 545747 66869.58%31.10.2010
Introduction of Laboratory Based Early Warning System and Infection control Mechanisms for Containment of Multiresistant Nosocomial Pathogens in Latvian Regional HospitalsPauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital383 570326 03585%30.04.2011
ANGIO – e-Health Project for Angio Surgery in LatviaPauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital444 692
338 37785%31.10.2010
Care OrganiserHospital of Traumatology and Orthopaedics in Riga773 250583 49475,46%31.03.2011
Improvement of Quality, Effectiveness and Accessibility of Health Services through development of Technical and Professional Capacities of Health Centre “Ilukste”Illukste District Council657 618397 38760.43%30.04.2011
The establishment of Ambulatory Department in Daugavpils Psychoneurological HospitalDaugavpils Psychoneurological Hospital1 920 0911 290 48567.2%31.12.2010
Optimization of the Schengen Information system functional operationState Police of Latvia294 118250 00085%30.04.2011
Enhancing the information technologies of visa sections of diplomatic and consular representations of the Republic of Latvia, facilitating the introduction of SIS IIMinistry of Foreign Affairs1 293 5501 099 51885%31.12.2010
Improvement of Register of Punishment of the Republic of LatviaInformation Centre of the Ministry of Interior944 000944 00085%30.04.2011
Equipment of regional classrooms of Latvia State Police CollegeState Police of Latvia294 118250 00085%31.01.2010
Implementation of support process management system of National Schengen information system and SIRENE office technology and information resources accordind to ITIL standartsInformation Centre of the Ministry of Interior563 812479 24085%28.02.2011