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About programme

Programme operatorThe NGO Consortium. It was formed in spring 2018 by six experienced Latvian civil society organizations: 
Civic Alliance-LatviaLatvian Rural ForumDienvidlatgale NGO Support CentreKurzeme NGO Centre
Valmiera Region Community Foundation and Zemgale NGO Centre.
FundingTotal funding in Latvia is EUR 8 500 000
Programme objectiveCivil society and active citizenship strengthened and vulnerable groups empowered.

The planned outcomes
Within the framework of the programme, at least 90 civil society organisations (associations and foundations) will receive the funding
 in 7 open project contests and 2 in pre-specified projects for the implementation of activities aimed at:
1. strengthening the democracy cultur and citizenship awareness  in Latvia,
2. raising public awareness of human rights,
3. Improving the sustainability and capacity of civil society;
4. Cross-border civil society cooperation in EEA and Norway grants donor countries and instrument activities in countries.
Pre-defined projects
1. Research paper on CSOs sector in Latvia 2020-2024.
2. Civic Competences Academy “Change Maker” in 2021/2022, in all five regions
 (Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme, Latgale, Riga & Riga Region) of Latvia, the 8-months training course in
civic competences will be organized. It will be available in three different courses divided
by participant category and experience in civic activities: (1) new or young activists, (2) existing CSO leaders and (3) officials. 
ContactsProgrammes manager
Inese Siliņa
More informationAll information on fund activities, project contests search on the fund's home page - https://www.activecitizensfund.lv/

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