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Scholarships activity limited project submission call

Date of publication:
Date and time of submission:
21.02.2023 00:00
Contest type:
Pre-defined project
Grant financing:
32 550€

The State Education Development Agency (hereinafter – the Agency) organizes and implements a limited project submission call with the allocation of additional funding of the European Economic Area and Norway Grants (EEA/NO) 2014-2021 programme “Research and Education” activity “Scholarships” (Scholarships programme) for projects approved in 1st and 2nd call.

The competition is held so that the project implementers have the opportunity to supplement the projects with activities, giving priority to those involving students and university staff who are Ukrainian civilians and who had to leave Ukraine or who cannot return to Ukraine due to the armed conflict caused by the Russian Federation. However, this does not change the fact that it is possible to apply for activities involving students and staff from Latvia or other countries.

Students and staff can be involved in project activities (at least one person mentioned in clauses 1, 2 or 3 of the regulations must be involved) as a recipient of co-financing:

  1. students;
  2. academic staff;
  3. administrative staff.

Recipients of co-financing of approved projects in the 1st and 2nd call of the scholarships activity until February 21, or within 20 working days from placing information on the website of the European Economic Area and the Norway Grants sends a completed amendment request form (Annex 1) to the agency’s e-mail address:, in English language including justification of compliance of additional activities with the project goal and their impact on the indicators to be achieved in the project, providing a description of additional activities, including the involvement of Ukrainian students and staff, and the indicators to be achieved, as well as indicating the planned changes in the project contract and its annexes, adding the following attachments, which can be found in the section “Documents”:

  1. according to the planned changes, updated:
  1. updated information on project activities (mobility flows) and the budget requested for their implementation (Annex 2);
  2. the declaration of the recipient of funding in Latvian (Annex 1 form “Apliecinājums”);
  3. the confirmation of the project partner’s signatory in English (Annex 1 “Confirmation” form).

The Agency examines the amendment request of project co-financing beneficiaries for the allocation of additional funding for the implementation of additional activities, with priority support for activities involving Ukrainian students or staff. The agency examines requests within 10 working days after the end of the call.

For projects approved in the 1st and 2nd scholarships activity calls for the allocation of additional funding for the implementation of additional activities, with priority support for activities involving Ukrainian students and staff, available funding is 32,550 euros, consisting of co-financing from the EEA Grants in the amount of 27,667.50 euros and co-financing from the Latvian state budget in the amount of 4882.50 euros.

The co-financing rate of the scholarships programme for the project is 100 percent, of which the state budget co-financing is 15 percent and the EEA Grants co-financing is 85 percent.



Send any questions about the project call to an e-mail address:

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