Student`s mobility to EEA countries 2 - EEZ un Norvēģijas finanšu instrumenti
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Research and Education

Student`s mobility to EEA countries 2

Programme Research and Education
Selection Open project
Competition title 2nd Call of the Scholarships activity
Donorstate/international project partner Volda University College (Norway)
Project national Nr. EEA-GRANT-217
GrACE project Nr. LV-RESEARCH-0018
Contract No. EEA-GRANT-21-4616, 01.09.2022.
Contract Date 01.09.2022
Project title Student`s mobility to EEA countries 2
Project promoter Latvian Academy of Culture
Start of project eligibility 01.09.2022
Project end 31.08.2023
Total eligible costs 14 450.00€
Grant financing 12 282.50€
National co-financing 2 167.50€
Project status In implementation
Project goal/description The main goal of the project is to enable 2 students (BA or MA level) of the Latvian Academy of Culture to spend a semester at a foreign university - Volda University College. As a result of mobility, the approved students will be able to improve their knowledge of Scandinavian languages and English, complete their bachelor's or master's papers as well as attend specific courses that are not available at the Academy. The second goal of the project is to strengthen cooperation with Volda University. If there are no unplanned expenses, a visit to the university in the spring of 2023 is also planned, using the funding allocated for the organization of mobility, in order to discuss future cooperation opportunities in person. The total cost of this project is EUR 14450, of which EUR 12282.50 is co-financing from European Economic Area financial instrument and EUR 2167.50 is National co-finding.
Implementation place Visa Latvija

Website of the project:

Website of the projects partner:

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