The evaluation of projects submitted in the 2nd round of the EEA cultural field open call has ended - EEZ un Norvēģijas finanšu instrumenti
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The evaluation of projects submitted in the 2nd round of the EEA cultural field open call has ended

Evaluation of the projects submitted in the 2nd round of the open call “Support for the Creation of Professional Art and Cultural Products for Children and Youth” in the field of culture of the EEA Grants programme “Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Cultural Cooperation” has ended.

In total, 31 project submissions were submitted within the set deadline and almost 5 times more funding was requested than the available funding*. 6 project submissions have been approved and work is currently underway to conclude contracts with potential project implementers.

The applicants of the approved projects are 3 NGO’s, 2 municipalities and 1 municipal limited liability company. A total of 5** donor partner organizations from Norway and 1 donor partner organization from Iceland are involved in the approved projects.

The planned activities of the approved projects are varied, some keywords: traveling, residencies, interdisciplinary, performance, contemporary art, food, dance, sound, new media art, guidebook, interactive digital platform, training, video, climate, do it yourself, etc.

It will be possible to learn more about the approved project applicants and projects as soon as the project implementation agreements will be concluded. This information will be published on the website in the “Approved projects” section

Reminder – the aim of the EEA open call is to provide support for the development of cultural and artistic events that improve the accessibility of professional contemporary art and culture to the target group in all regions of Latvia, and to increase the involvement of the target group in art and culture. The minimum allowable Programme co-financing for one project is EUR 100,000, the maximum allowable Programme co-financing is EUR 250,000. Projects must be implemented in cooperation with partners from EEA grant donor countries – Norway, Iceland and/or Liechtenstein.

* the funding available in the 2nd round of the open call was EUR 1 276 941;

total funding allocated in the 2nd selection round: EUR 1 259 336,71;

total funding requested in the 2nd selection round: EUR 6 288 686,63;

** 1 partner organization involved in 2 projects.

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