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The digital festival invites you to get to know the magic of technology

Saturday, August 6, in the Ventspils Great Square from 12.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. Ventspils residents and city guests are invited to the Digital Festival as part of the Ventspils City Festival. Those interested will have the opportunity to participate in various creative workshops and see exciting tricks.

This year marks the fifth consecutive year of the Digital Festival, and the theme of this year’s festival is “Discover the Magic of Technology”. The theme of the holiday is magic and sorcery, showing what wonders can be achieved with the help of technology. The celebration will take place in the Great Square with diverse, interactive and creative free activities, science experiment shows and tricks of illusionists, while DJ Makree will ensure a great mood and musical accompaniment throughout the celebration.

Everyone will have the opportunity to watch amazing magic tricks and various spells, during which the secrets of magic will be revealed. Exciting shows will be provided by Guinness world record holder illusionist Edžus and illusionist and magician Juris Gavrilovs.

Those interested will also have the opportunity to express themselves creatively and participate in diverse digital technology workshops offered by the Ventspils Digital Center, Ventspils Augstskola, Daugavpils Innovation Center, RADE Design and Advertising Printing Workshop. On the other hand, Ventspils Jauniešu māja will provide a challenging breakout game, while Brain Games will offer to sharpen your mind by playing large-format board games. The holidays will not be without sharp feelings and the spirit of competition – speed lovers will be able to compete both on the radio-controlled car track and also with radio-controlled motorboats in a special water pool.

Also, everyone will have the opportunity to learn the process of creating an animated film with the Animation Brigade film studio, from making, moving and animating puppets and props to watching it on the screen. A special atmosphere is expected in the digital sound forest of the Ventspils Music Library, where you will have the opportunity to create and listen to various sounds.

Since the theme of the holiday this year is dedicated to technology, the guests of the holiday will have the opportunity to enjoy the possibilities offered by virtual reality technology, riding virtual reality carousels and playing virtual sports games. On the other hand, in the special Digital Holiday photo corner, everyone will have the opportunity to capture themselves in a moving photo image, both with the wind in their hair and in a digital illusion.

This year, the digital festival will be in a particularly festive mood in honor of the biggest event of this summer – the birthday of the new Ventspils science center VIZIUM. Continuing to celebrate the opening of VIZIUM, guests are invited to capture the celebration on social networks and use the hashtag #atklġIVIZIUM! Authors of the most creative photos and videos will have the opportunity to win a VIZIUM science center entrance card for the family!

Photos and videos for publicity purposes may be placed on the portal of the Ventspils city municipality and on the website of the Ventspils Digital Center, as well as on the municipality’s accounts on the social network Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The event is financially supported by the municipality of Ventspils, and the activity is implemented within the framework of the “Innovation Centers” project “Creating an Innovation Center in Ventspils” of the “Research and Education” program of the European Economic Area financial instrument and the Norwegian financial instrument for the period 2014-2021. The total amount of the project is EUR 2,011,676 with program funding of 90% or EUR 1,810,508 (of which 85% is co-financing from the Norwegian financial instrument and 15% is co-financing from the state budget) and 10% co-financing from the municipality or EUR 201,168.

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