Latvian and Norwegian experts will be participating in the discussions on courage at the Conversation festival LAMPA - EEZ un Norvēģijas finanšu instrumenti
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Latvian and Norwegian experts will be participating in the discussions on courage at the Conversation festival LAMPA

During this year’s Conversation Festival LAMPA on 28 and 29 June in Cēsis, the Ministry of Finance and the Norwegian Embassy in Latvia will be hosting participants with an extensive programme in the “Tent of Opportunities”. For the duration of two days, visitors to the tent will be invited to take part in discussions and conversations with Latvian and Norwegian public and private sector experts, opinion leaders and cooperation partners.

Participation in the LAMPA festival is planned as a launch event for the new European Economic Area (EEA) and Norwegian funding period. Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein will invest around EUR 100 million in Latvia by 2024. All discussions in the tent will be related to areas that will receive support in the coming years. The theme of this year’s conversation festival is COURAGE. The theme of the festival is in line with the basic idea behind the support provided by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. All areas in which Latvia will receive support require courageous change – the courage to think and act differently, the courage to change preconceptions that sometimes seem to be set in stone. During the discussions, Norwegian experts will provide insight into how the changes planned in Latvia are already taking effect in Norway.

In the Tent of Opportunities, participants will be invited to discuss the future of Europe after the elections – what political forces will steer Europe, what will be the main challenges for the European Union in the future? We will try to answer the question – who needs journalism, if everything can be found on the Internet? At the same time, the discussion will also explain what Moneyval really means and how it will affect each of us. We will discuss how to achieve faster growth in the regions of Latvia. We will talk about how Latvia can become a climate-neutral country – what could be the contribution of different sectors to this goal and how can each of us do our part. In the expert discussion, we will assess the prevalence of pharmaceuticals and other compounds in the environment, the efficiency of waste water treatment systems, and possible solutions to reduce the risk of pollution. We will discuss how green technologies are being developed in Latvia, how actively we demand such products in the market and why is it necessary to create green technology companies.

We will find out how innovative technologies can increase the quality and efficiency of our lives – we will talk about design thinking in product and service creation. Participants will have an opportunity to see and try out the already created prototypes of design products.

We will also discuss topicalities in the process of educating Latvian prison staff. The bolder participants of LAMPA Conversation Festival will have the opportunity to check their physical and psychological suitability for work in prison through an interactive game.

The two-day discussions will be concluded with the reception of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Latvia, Kristian Ødegaard, to which all participants and media representatives will be invited.

The Tent of Opportunities will feature representatives of Norwegian and Estonian experts, Ministry of Finance, Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway, Innovation Norway, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Ministry of Interior, Prison Administration, State Education Development Agency, Latvian Investment and Development Agency, State Police, Anti-Money Laundering Service, Latvian Academy of Art, Baltic Media Centre of Excellence.

Take a look at the programme of the Tent of Opportunities here and we will see you in Cēsis’ Castle Square! During the days of the Festival, follow us on social network accounts Facebook, @FinansuMinistrija, @EEANorwayGrantsLatvia and Twitter @Finmin.

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