Development of Innovation centre in Ventspils city - EEZ un Norvēģijas finanšu instrumenti
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Research and Education

Development of Innovation centre in Ventspils city

Programme Research and Education
Selection Pre-defined project
Competition title Development of Innovation centre in Ventspils city
National project partner Ventspils University of Applied Sciences
Donorstate/international project partner Bergen Science Centre VilVite
Project national Nr. NFI//IC/VIAA/2020/1
GrACE project Nr. LV-RESEARCH-0004
Contract No. Nr. 9.-, 24.07.2020.
Contract Date 24.07.2020
Project title “Development of Innovation centre in Ventspils city”
Project promoter Ventspils municipal authority “Ventspils Digital centre”
Start of project eligibility 15.07.2020
Project end 30.04.2024
Total eligible costs 2 011 676.00€
Grant financing 1 568 990.77€
National co-financing 276 880.73€
Project promoter co-financing 205 097.28€
Project status In implementation
Project goal/description The aim of the project is to promote knowledge development and career choice in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) with special focus on natural sciences and information and communication technologies of pre-school children, pupils and students and to create Innovation Centre in Ventspils working in close cooperation with science centre “VilVite” (Bergen, Norway) as well as to develop and implement educational programmes and other educational and interactive activities such as technical workshops, science shows. The total cost of the project is EUR 2 050 968,78, of which EUR 1 568 990,77 is co-financing from Norway Grants, EUR 276 880,73 is National co-finding and EUR 205 097,28 is co-financing of project implementor. In November 2023 an Agreement to extend the term of the contract until April 30, 2024 was signed as well as amendment to the agreement for allocation of additional funding was signed.
Implementation place Kurzeme

Project website:

Websites of project partners:

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