Entrepreneurship support measures in the Zemgale Planning Region - EEZ un Norvēģijas finanšu instrumenti
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Local Development and Culture

Entrepreneurship support measures in the Zemgale Planning Region

Programme Local Development and Culture
Selection Pre-defined project
Competition title Entrepreneurship support measures in the Zemgale Planning Region
National project partner Jelgava City municipality and Jekabpils region municipality
Donorstate/international project partner Non-governmental organisation “Innovation Circle network”
Project national Nr. LV-LOCALDEV-0003
GrACE project Nr. LV-LOCALDEV-0003
Contract No. EEZ/INP/05
Contract Date 30.07.2021
Project title Entrepreneurship support measures in the Zemgale Planning Region
Project promoter Zemgale Planning Region
Start of project eligibility 01.09.2021
Project end 30.04.2024
Grant financing 793 867.70€
National co-financing 140 094.30€
Project promoter co-financing 35 294.00€
Project status In implementation
Project goal/description Objective: to reduce social and economic disparities between the local governments of the Zemgale Planning Region (ZPR), strengthening the capacity of specialists and entrepreneurs and creating mechanisms for the development of innovation and business in the region. Expected results: • 19 professional employees trained (in the fields of promotion of entrepreneurship and cooperation of local governments) (by gender); • the entrepreneurship support capacity strengthened for 50% of local governments; • the entrepreneurship support capacity of the ZPR strengthened; • 2 experience exchange visits to Norway; • 6 training courses for the specialists of local governments; • 3 business situation games for the business specialists of the ZPR and local governments. • 38 enterprises supported with strengthened operational capacity; • 50% of local governments involved in regional promotion activities; • 2 trade missions organised, incl. to Norway; • 12 support days for local entrepreneurs organised; • participation in 3 international exhibitions ensured; • 6 training courses for entrepreneurs organised; • 40 seminars organised for entrepreneurs on business-related topics. • 10 persons supported for the development of local enterprises (by age and gender); • the Youth Career Consultation and Motivation Centre of Jelgava City equipped for the development of the Zemgale region; • 10 business idea generation workshops for young people in schools; • 3 business idea competitions for young people in region-specific sectors; • the creation, equipping and maintenance of the co-creation area for young business talents. • 2 new ideas implemented (region-specific solutions) in order to improve the competitiveness and employment of the region: - 1 market for local manufacturers created and equipped in Jekabpils City; - 4 video tours created for the popularisation of Zemgale tourism entrepreneurship (for example, gastronomic tour, small castles and manors in border area; mastered craftsmen’s skills, etc.) according to the demand of local governments and specific characteristics of the region.
Implementation place Zemgale
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