Remediation projects of three historically polluted sites have been started - EEZ un Norvēģijas finanšu instrumenti
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Remediation projects of three historically polluted sites have been started

The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development have signed contracts with Augšdaugava Municipality and Liepāja Special Economic Zone Authority in July, launching all projects of the Norway Grants climate and environment programme Open Call “Mitigation of Risks Related to Historically Contaminated Sites”.

The projects will clean up historically contaminated sites by spring 2024, which pose a significant risk to the environment and the health of the surrounding population due to climate change.

Augšdaugava Municipality in cooperation with the Norwegian partner – “Henric Johansson Konsult”, and the Latvian partner– association “Višķu attīstībai”, will implement project to remediate the historically polluted site – Višķi professional secondary school heavy fuel oil repository. The project aims to improve soil quality and prevent further risks to human health and the environment. The project envisages the elimination of pollution sources, close up the sources of pollution (release/clean up tanks and ponds formed by historical oil spills, dismantle heavy fuel oil repository underground and surface infrastructure and excavate heavily polluted soil) and rehabilitate and revitalize the polluted area. The project implementation costs are 1 682 189 euros.

The Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority in cooperation with the Norwegian partner ‑ the Norwegian Institute for Water Research Authority, and the Latvian partner – association “Baltijas krasti”, will implement project to remediate the historically polluted site at the Liepāja Port Karosta Canal. The project aims to reduce the negative impact of historically polluted sediments of the Karosta Canal on the environment, human health, and facilitate the good ecological status of the Baltic Sea. To achieve the goal, 201,247 m3 of polluted sediments will be removed from the channel bed within the framework of remediation works. The project implementation costs are 5 117 647 euros.

In all projects, in addition to remediation work, awareness raising campaigns will be implemented in cooperation with the non-governmental sector, raising public awareness of current environmental and climate issues.

In total under the Open Call three remediation projects are being implemented in historically contaminated sites for the total amount of 11.9 million euros – in Liepāja, Višķi, and in Ventspils, where the Ventspils Freeport Authority is implementing a project that will result in the clean-up of an area historically contaminated with oil products at the Baltic Sea coast

Working together for a green Europe.

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