Opening of the project “Fight against cross-border crime” - EEZ un Norvēģijas finanšu instrumenti
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Opening of the project “Fight against cross-border crime”

On Thursday, October 1st, the opening event of the program “International Police Cooperation” funded by European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism for the Period 2014-2021 took place with Director-General of the State Revenue Service Ieva Jaunzeme, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Latvia Ingūna Aire, the current acting State Police chief Andrejs Grišins and other participants from the State Revenue Service and SJSC “State Real Estate”.

To help cross-border crime prevention and control, Director-General of the State Revenue Service Ieva Jaunzeme and Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior Ingūna Aire signed agreements about the implementation of two important projects: “Preventing and combating economic crime at the Border Crossing Point Terehova” and “Promoting cooperation between law enforcement authorities in preventing and combating economic crime in Latvia”.

During the opening I. Jaunzeme stated “Today cooperation with the State Border Guard is at the highest point in the last thirty years. Since the opening of the first border guard post. We are learning from the border guards, the police and they are learning from us. Infrastructure is not as important as the cooperation, this project is not about the infrastructure, but about being together and working together towards the welfare of the people”.

I. Aire added, “My goals as the manager of the Project Operator is to ensure that during the project targeted actions are taken within the program in different areas and at different levels that strengthen the trust of investors and that efficiency of law enforcement agencies would be increased as much as possible. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a successful project!”

The overall objective of the EEA program is to improve crime prevention and investigation in Latvia by strengthening cooperation between law enforcement authorities and to help to facilitate cooperation between institutions to ensure that children in Latvia who have suffered from or become witnesses to violence are treated in a child-friendly way by implementing Barnahus model. The total allocated funding of the program is 17 647 059 euros out of which 85% or 15 000 000 euros are financed as EEA Financial Mechanism Grants and 15% or 2 647 059 euros as national co-financing.

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